The third KiNOA’s day

24th of Mai 2024

INFORMATIONS : The kinoa-day will take place at IECB building.

Allotted time slots include a question and answer session, typically lasting 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the length of the presentations


  • 8h50-9h05 : Welcome
  • 9h05-9h50 : Eiji Yashima (Nagoya University) :Helical polymers with static helicity memory: Synthesis and applications
  • 9h50-10h05 : Victor Maurizot (CBMN) :Beta-sheet mimic foldamers
  • 10h05-10h20 : Robin Hess (CBMN) : Designing aromatic oligoamide cone-shaped carbohydrate receptors
  • 10h20-10h40 : Guillaume Gimenez (ISM) : Self-coacervation of polyampholytes for chiral separation of enantiomers

10h40 -11h10 : Coffee break/poster installation

  • 11h10-11h40 : Yann Mairesse (CELIA) : Laser-induced electron diffraction in chiral molecules
  • 11h40-12h10: Ludovic Jaubert (LOMA) :Chirality in magnetic crystals: from skyrmions to anomalous Hall effect

12h10-13h30 : lunch/discussions and poster’s presentation

  • 13h30-14h15 : Jeanne Crassous (ISCR, Rennes University) : Chirality and multifunctionality in helicene-based chemical platforms
  • 14h15-14h25: Anthony Boudier (CBMN/ISM) : Induction of chiroptical properties on achiral organic molecules at different scales, from nanometric to millimetric size
  • 14h25-14h35 : : Matheus Mendes (CBMN) : Template-assisted chirality induction to magnetic nanoparticles using silica nanohelices. Towards new magneto chiral responsive nanocomposites
  • 14h35-15h15 : Elizabeth Hillard/Nazanin Kordestani (ICMCB) : Recent adventures in X-ray optical activity
  • 15h15-15h45 : Eric Grelet (CRPP) : Origin of chirality transfer in virus self-assembly

15h45 -16h10 : Coffee break/posters

  • 16h10-16h40: Laurent Bouffier (ISM) : Circularly polarized electrogenerated chemiluminescence
  • 16h40-17h10: Vincent Rodriguez (ISM) :Hyper-Rayleigh and third-harmonic optical activity in chiral liquids