Design, preparation and chiroptical characterization of chiral molecules and monolayers for Chirality Induced Spin Selectivity studies

Supervisor :
Laboratory/campus : ICMCB
Starting date : 2023-09-15
Duration/month : 36
Preferred Majors for applicants : chemistry
The main goal of this project is to provide systematic comparative studies to rationalize the occurrence and magnitude of the CISS effect in molecular nanodevices. In order to reach those objectives, we will synthesize series of coordination compounds designed to present a range of stable chiroptical activities, that will be deposited as thin films or grafted as monolayers on metallic substrates while preserving both their structure and their enantiopurity. We will then thoroughly study the chiroptical properties of these thin films by a range of surface sensitive spectroscopies. Ultimately, the CISS effect induced by these chiral surfaces will be studied (partly in house, partly with the help of external collaborators) by integrating them into vertical charge transport devices to probe their spin dependent properties and analyze their CISS activity.