Direct dynamic read-out of molecular chirality with autonomous enzyme-driven swimmers

News: This work describes a first example of autonomous miniaturized swimmers which can detect the chirality of molecules present in solution by adapting their trajectories at the air/water interface. In the presence of one enantiomer they will swimm clockwise, in the presence of the other enantiomer the motion will be anti-clockwise. See also press release by CNRS
Laboratory : ISM

Chirality induction to achiral molecules by silica-coated chiral molecular assemblies

News: Hybrid silica-organic nanohelices are used to organize a large variety of non-chiral small organic molecules or inorganic anions to nanometer-sized assemblies. Such chiral organization of achiral molecules induces chiroptical properties as detected by vibrational or electronic circular dichroism (CD), as well as from circularly polarized luminescence (CPL). This is a collaborative work with  University of Rome Tor Vergata and University of Kumamoto
Laboratory : CBMN, ISM

Hybrid light-emitting devices for the straightforward readout of chiral information

News: A new article on chiral recognition based on enantioselective oligomers addressed by bipolar electrochemistry. The work has been carried out in collaboration with  collegues from Milan and Como. It has been published in the special issue of Chirality: "Chirality in France".  
Laboratory : ISM

Magneto-chiral anisotropy: From fundamentals to perspectives

News: New review article on magneto-chiral anisotropy with colleagues from Grenoble and Angers for the special issue in Chirality: "Chirality in France".
Laboratory : ICMCB