Virtual Supr@Stras


The EurJOC editorial team together with the Supramolecular Group of the SCF is proud to host the 1st edition of the virtual Supr@Stras – EurJOC.

Please join us and our speakers as well as the 2020 SCF Supramolecular Prize Laureates for this exciting event. Moderated by Jean-François Nierengarten and EurJOC editors Anne Nijs and Leana Travaglini.

Ruxandra Gref: Cage nanoparticles: from synthesis to biological application

Sébastien Goeb : Supramolecular transformations from self-assembled cages

Mir Wais Hosseini: Molecular turnstiles

Jean-Marie Lehn: Perspectives in chemistry: towards adaptative chemistry

Chemistry Europe Virtual Symposia connect the leading minds in the chemical sciences and bring cutting-edge research directly to you!

Gil Markovich ‘s visit : July 2021

Combination of achiral plasmonic nanoparticles and quantum dots with chiral molecules – plasmonic CD, enhancement of molecular CD, excitonic CD models of interaction of chiral molecule and electronic states of the metal/semiconductor nanoparticles.

The seminars will take place in the auditorium of IECB.