What is Ki-NOA ?

The ''fédération de recherche Ki-NOA (FR n° 2047)

Created in january 2021, the FR depends mainly on INC-CNRS as well as on INP.

χ-NOA, or Ki-NOA means ”Chiralité en NOuvelle Aquitaine” with scientists working on Bordeaux and Poitier campus.

In New-Aquitaine,  a large community of researchers is involved in the ‘chirality’ theme covering various aspects of the fabrication of new chiral objects and the characterisation of their properties. No less than 25 teams in chemistry, chemistry-physics, physics, and biochemistry are involved in this research area. The creation of this Ki-NOA federation would make it possible to build and accelerate transversal links between researchers from various horizons, to lead to truly multidisciplinary discussions, and to create new innovative projects by going beyond the classic paths. Also, we hope to increase the visibility of this community and its expertise at local, national and international level.