The 2nd day meeting of kinoa

News: The Research Federation "Chirality in Nouvelle Aquitaine" (Ki-NOA) is organizing its 2nd day of scientific meetings and exchanges on the 25th of April at the IECB (2 rue Robert Escarpit, Pessac). This event will take place from 8h50-17h15, and the program is available at Registration mandatory before the 7th of April on the framaform sent by email.
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The kinoa tour

News: Nous avons eu 10 propositions de visite de labo sur le campus bordelais pour échanger autour de la chiralité. Ces visites se sont tenues entre décembre 2022 et février 2023, avec des échanges scientifiques très constructifs. Merci à tous ceux qui ont donné de leur temps et curiosité :)
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2nd Kinoa Meeting-2023

25th of April 2023

INFORMATIONS : The kinoa-day will take place at IECB building.

All times include question time with typically 3min to 5min depending on the length of the interventions. Invited Conference (45 min) /Talks “Young Researchers” (15 min)/ Talk “Senior Researcher” (25 min) /Laboratory presentation (30 min)


  • 8h50-9h05 : Welcome
  • 9h05-9h50 : Laurent Nahon (SOLEIL-Paris-Saclay) :VUV circularly polarized synchrotron radiation in interaction with chiral matter @ SOLEIL
  • 9h50-10h05 : Zikkawas Pasom (ISM) :Chiral-imprinted mesoporous metals for Enhancing Oxygen Reduction Reaction
  • 10h05-10h20 : Serena Arnaboldi (ISM) : Enantioselective dynamic systems
  • 10h20-10h35 : Wanmai Srisuwanno (ISM) : Autonomous chiral microswimmers for enantioselective synthesis

10h35 -11h00 : Coffee break/poster installation

  • 11h00-11h30 : Pierre Waffo Teguo (OENO) : How can the enantiomeric ratio of E-epsilon-viniferin, a dimer of resveratrol, be a new chemotaxonomic marker of grapevine ?
  • 11h30-11h45: Marie Le Scanff (OENO) : How can stereochemistry influence the taste of wine ?
  • 11h45-12h00: Rihab Fkiri (IC2MP) : New extraction derivatization protocol for amino acids chiralite measurement: one step one pot strategy
  • 12h00-12h30: François Riobé (ICMCB) : Influence of temperature on circularly polarized luminescence

12h25-14h30 : lunch/discussions and poster’s presentation

  • 14h30-15h00 : Michel Rérat (Univ. Pau) : Etude théorique de l’hélicité orbitalaire et le calcul quantique de la chiralité de systèmes moléculaires et cristallins
  • 15h00-15h25: Rémi Avriller (LOMA) : Chiral polaritonics: a road towards enhanced sensing
  • 15h25-15h40 : Nicolas Bruni (LOMA) : Understanding the polar nature of laser-induced quasi-particles in chiral liquid crystal
  • 15h40-15h55 : Maria João Álvaro Martins (ISM) : Influence of exciplex/excimer on the chiral properties of materials

16h00 -16h30 : Coffee break/posters

  • 16h30-16h50: Olivier Sandre (LCPO) : Dichroïsme circulaire d’auto-assemblages de copolymères PEO-block-poly(L-amino acids) présentant des transitions de structures secondaires en pH, ainsi que des copolymères PEO-block-poly(e-caprolactone-co-L-lactide) semi-cristallins
  • 16h50-17h15: Vincent Rodriguez (ISM) : Inverse magnetochiral birefringence in chiral liquids