PhD position

Supervisor : Reiko Oda, Dario Bassani
Laboratory/campus :
Starting date : 2022-01-03
Duration/month : 36
Preferred Majors for applicants : Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Chiral Induction from Microns to Electrons using carbon nanomaterials Laboratories : CBMN and ISM, CNRS/University of Bordeaux Supervisors: Reiko Oda and Dario Bassani We aim to create chiral carbon nanomaterials (CNM) (nano-helices) with controlled helicities and pitches. They are extremely attractive objects because they are chemically and thermally stable, exhibiting high photostability and intense photoluminescence. The goal of this project is to induce a controllable spectral circular polarization and to observe the non-linear chiroptic properties of these CNMs. Their morphologies make it possible to probe the effect of symmetry breaking at the sub-micrometric scale, currently unattainable by the molecular approach or the "top-down" approach. The candidate needs to have a Master degree (or equivalence) in organic/physical chemistry and have experiences in organic/colloid/photo chemistry and self-assembly. Please send a motivation letter, Curriculum Vitae and 2 recommendation letters to: Reiko Oda ( and Dario Bassani (