Our Kick-off Meeting

29th of Nov. 2021


  • Location : IECB- 2, Rue Robert Escarpit – 33607 PESSAC.
  • IECB’s Plus Code to get it on a map: R93Q+8G Pessac
  • Health pass required
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for the whole day.
  • for a green action : bring with you an old badge from a previous conference (with your name on  it:))
  • everything will be available on site for the installation of the posters
PROGRAM :(5 minutes of questions included in each talk slot)
9h-9h30 : Welcome (with control of your health pass)/poster installation/
10 minutes of presentation

  • 9h30-10h : Thomas Barois (LOMA)
    Chirality at LOMA
  • 10h-10h30 : Alexander Kuhn (ISM)
    Unconventional approaches for the direct readout of chiral information

10h30 -11h00 : Coffee break/poster installation

  • 11h00-11h30 : Yann Mairesse (CELIA)
    Chirality in intense laser fields
  • 11h30-12h: Techniques for observation of Chirality by Thierry Buffeteau and Guillaume Raffy (ISM)
    Techniques chiroptiques développées au sein du groupe GSM de l’ISM (T.B.)
    Development of photoluminescence polarization microscopy techniques with CPL capability (G.R.)
  • 12h- 12h30: Marie-Hélène Delville and Baptiste Vignolle (ICMCB)
    Chirality and QDs nanoobjects (MH. D.)
    Intertwining superconductivity and crystal chirality in molecular solids (B.V.)

12h30-14h30 : lunch/discussion and poster’s presentation

  • 14h30-15h00: Claude Geffroy and Sébastien Papot (IC2MP)
    Interlocked molecules, origin of life and chirality : from synthesis to the analysis of chiral compounds (C.G. and S.P.)
  • 15h00-15h30: Eric Grelet (CRPP)
    Origin of chirality in self-organized phases of viruses.
  • 15h30-16h: Techniques for observation of Chirality by Valérie Gabelica (IECB) and Vincent Rodriguez (ISM)
    Measuring Chirality in a Mass Spectrometer (V.G.)
    Hyper-Rayleigh Optical Activity as a New Chiroptical Method (V.R.)
  • 16h – 16h30 : Lucile Fischer and Emilie Pouget (CBMN)
    Detection of protein/foldamer interactions by induced chirality (L.F.)
    Design of functional nanostructures via chirality induction (E.P.)

16h30-open : Poster session and discussion with coffee.