Chiral shaped perovskite nanocrystals growth inside hollow silica nanoribbons

News: Helical perovskite nanocrystals (H-PNCs) were prepared using nanometric silica helical ribbons as platforms for the in-situ growth of the crystals using supersaturated recrystallization method. The H-PNCs grow inside nanometric helical porous silica, their handedness are determined by the handedness of porous silica templates. They show strong induced circular dichroism (CD) and induced circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) signals, with very high dissymetric g-factors. Right-handed and left-handed PNCs show respectively positive and negative CD and CPL signals, with dissymmetric g-factor (abs and lum) of ~ +/- 2*10-2. Simulations based on the boundary element method demonstrate that the circular dichroism comes from the chiral shape of H-PNCs.
Peizhao Liu, Yann Battie, Takaki Kimura, Yutaka Okazaki, Piyanan Pranee, Hao Wang, Emilie Pouget, Sylvain Nlate, Takashi Sagawa, and Reiko Oda
Laboratory : CBMN